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All Drivers Insurance

You've worked hard to save and purchase a watercraft to plan a fun ocean adventure with your families and friends. Partner with All Drivers Insurance to present you with the most valuable boating coverage's for your cherished watercrafts.


Our low-cost policies are affordable so that you can spend more time fishing and less time worried about breaking the bank.


Safeguard your personal watercrafts from Florida's untimely weather

It's important to have an insurance policy in case there's trouble at sea. Stormy waters, accidents, and sinking can all cause damage and cost you extra money. Protect your water vessels from serious accidents and protect your pocket from excessive payments. We will pick a policy that's right for you and your boat or other watercraft accessories.

•   Boat and sail boats

•   Jet skis and wave runners

•   Fishing boats

•   Pontoons

•   Cabin cruisers

•   Family runabouts

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A policy to keep your vessel afloat